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Longest Eclipse of the Century, Blood Moon Aligned with Mars is the Day after Tomorrow


Longest Eclipse of the Century, Blood Moon Aligned with Mars is the Day after Tomorrow

The day after tomorrow, July 27 in North America, the longest eclipse of the 21st century is set to occur in close alignment (referred to in astrology as “conjunction”) with Mars.

It happens on July 27, 2018 at 1:21 Pacific time, lasting during the total phase of the eclipse, an hour and 43 minutes while the eclipse in entirety will last four hours. This is the astrology chart for the eclipse, a map of where the planets will be in the sky.


Unfortunately it won’t be visible to North America because it’s happening in broad daylight for us, but for the Middle East, Africa, southern Asia, and residents of the Indian Ocean, they should be able to see it clearly in the sky, like a Full Moon.

This is what people were referring to as a Blood Moon eclipse in 2014 or 2015, when full moon eclipses (or lunar eclipses, which cause the moon to appear red), aligned with certain Hebrew holidays.

This is a spiritual article. It’s about interpreting the position of the sun and planets from Earth’s perspective, and interpreting their positions as either a sign, or as a thing that physically, spiritually affects us and the way we feel, what happens to us, ect.

While plenty of people misinterpret or add cringe to astrology, if you really look into it and test it, it is simply too real. I believe that our souls are a snapshot of the energy that is coursing through the solar system at our time of birth, like the different characteristics of an atom based on the amount of electrons it has.

If you feel and know the people who have a certain type of energy in their charts, you’ll start having the ability to recognize that same attitude or feeling in other people, and you’ll be able to say “you have planets in Aquarius,” or you have planets in Taurus for example. If you’re willing to test it, here’s what the eclipse is supposed to do in astrology.

The eclipse happens with the Sun and Moon at the beginning of Leo and Aquarius, Sun in Leo (the sign of the Sun actually), and the Moon in Aquarius, the sign of the the revolutionary, the thinker, and odd planet Uranus.

Leo and Aquarius are about the identity of self, ambition and warmth for the self, gregariousness and masculinity (Leo), and the identity of the collective, intelligence, technology, truth and a rebellious spirit, oddness and knowledge (Aquarius).

Leo and Aquarius are opposites in the sky but as with all oppositions, they have a lot in common. Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs, very sure of themselves and strong. Leo is warm, socially powerful and without hesitation, the center of attention and a strong leader. Aquarius is more detached and socially awkward, but is the one with the ideas, the person who could give socially powerful Leo everything they need to know to be a strong leader.

Both are energies strongly associated with revolutionary things: Aquarius has the ideas and knowledge necessary to give purpose to the cause, and Leo has the fire and dominance able to bring those ideas to fruition.

So this eclipse is in the sign of the revolutionary, the thinker, the person with ideas and knowledge (or conversely, technology), and it’s aligned with Mars. Mars lives up to what you’d imagine it to be about in astrology, it is a very masculine, energetic, fiery thing. Mars in Aquarius is a sense of fire and power that is flavored with revolutionary, thinker energy.

So if you believe an eclipse can crystallize an energy in people for years to come, it may really crystallize a rebellious, thinking fire in people to be one little thing on our side in the coming century, where the people in power will surely try so much harder to take our rights from us and make us live in a trap they set up.


(Image credit: beyond-our-planet, smuggbugg)

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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