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Mainstream Media Catches “UFO” Live on Camera during Newscast


Mainstream Media Catches “UFO” Live on Camera during Newscast

Now, the mainstream media and US government alike are perfectly willing to talk about unidentified flying objects, even enthusiastic to do so.

A local news article from Buffalo, New York reports that what they called an unidentified flying object jetted across the scene of the sky over Buffalo and was captured in some footage during the station’s evening weathercast.

On SkyWatch7, a mainstream weather program around 11:20 pm on Thursday, June 14 meteorologist Andy Parker was showing the night sky as usual, when a strange object proceeded to enter and then exit the view of the camera.

According to the mainstream article from WKBW:

“The object travels from west to east and makes what appears to be a hook turn to the north and gains altitude before exiting near the top of the camera frame.  Andy Parker noticed the appearance of the object and offered up the idea it might have been a shooting star while asking the rest of the crew if anyone else had seen the object.”

Somehow now, these mainstream outlets are sounding just like what they used to call conspiracy theorists, examining the mechanics of a UFO video and the patterns in which they move. Make no mistake this is the mainstream media, it’s a Channel 7 ABC news affiliate. “Local” news stations are really controlled by huge broadcasting corporations most of the time.

They went about this more lighthearted than some people that may be enthusiastic or even dogmatic about them, but they are reporting on UFO’s now regardless.

The article continues that the object had moved clearly too rapidly to be a plane, it was too far away to be some bug or thing directly in front of the camera and it has a broken trail of light, as you can see in the footage. They suggest it may be a shooting star, but nothing is certain.

Did someone high up in this broadcasting corporation tell them to make this video out of what was a shooting star or nothing at all?

Could this have actually been some weird phenomena, and because it fits a new agenda or showing people UFO’s and even extraterrestrials are real, the broadcasting corporation allowed it?

Whatever is going on here, this is my opinion: aliens, UFO’s, and extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional entities probably do exist, but we may not know anything about them.

Also, the people in power can only have something nefarious up their sleeves with it suddenly being acceptable to believe in UFO’s and aliens.

Why was Hillary Clinton walking with the powerful brother of David Rockefeller, Laurence Rockefeller, holding a book about UFO’s?

Many people have suggested for many years that there might be an agenda underway to fake an alien invasion or somehow change the course of history and power by lying to the population of the planet about some kind of extraterrestrials.

Do you think there is an agenda behind the release of the video last year, where the US military reportedly found a UFO? I do, I just don’t know what it is yet.

(Image credit: cropcirclesresearchfoundation, yahoo, dailystar.)

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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