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Man Owns Undercover Police Trying to Arrest Him for Weed, Sells Him Regular Flowers


Man Owns Undercover Police Trying to Arrest Him for Weed, Sells Him Regular Flowers

In some American cities, make no mistake, the drug war is still on when it comes to cannabis. Take for example, Troy, Ohio, where cops recently went to great lengths to try and and bust somebody for selling weed, but he actually sold them flowers, fully aware they were undercover.

Recently, the video captured by the man who was fully aware he was being set up was uploaded to YouTube. In the video, you can see a suspicious character waiting in a park parking lot, a dude in a red hoodie looking like a cop apparently trying to buy some cannabis.

The man who has not been identified, who took the video is acutely aware that the man in the shady red hoodie is probably a cop. So what did he do? You know it, he brought a bag of legitimately legal, regular flower buds and he decided to film what would happen.

It’s not hard to spot undercover cops. It’s apparent that the person claiming to want cannabis is suspect, because he keeps acting like he’s addicted to it, or in dire need of it, acting like a tweaker wearing that hood. It’s obvious that a completely inexperienced cop would believe cannabis makes people behave like that.

“I just really need some f**kin’ bud,” the undercover cop said, very similar to as if he were trying to buy heroin. “Alright, give it here.”

After repeatedly asking to see the bag like a mark, the alleged officer buys a bag, and he obviously has no idea what is inside it. This was an absolute dead give away: any person even barely experienced with smoking weed can tell the difference between that and some flowers.

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“You’re an undercover cop aren’t you?” the person selling flowers said.

Hilariously enough, the cop slipped up and admitted it before denying it. “Yeah… No,” the officer says. He’s wearing a hat and a hood that don’t fit on the person, clearly showing he is undercover.

(Image credit: John Doe)

A myth used to circulate that undercover officers are required to identify themselves if a person simply asks, but naturally that’s not true. However, it is true that police in regular plainclothes must identify themselves when using their police powers.

After the hilarious transaction caught on camera, the man informed the undercover cop that he just purchased a bag of flower buds for ten dollars. Then he gets in his car to leave, problem solved.

Unfortunately that’s not the end of it. Cops swarm the scene, and hold the man at gunpoint for doing nothing. “Let me see your hands!” A cop rips the camera from his hand, and the video ends. If it were really weed, it would have been this entire situation for literally ten dollars of it.

In some states, people are recreationally smoking pounds of cannabis. In some countries, the path toward prohibition that had been set in motion by the US a long time ago is still keeping the culture unfriendly to it.

Everywhere, people need to allow this back into their lives: people don’t stop doing what they do anyway.

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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