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Man Wants To Sue His Parents For Giving Birth To Him Without His Consent


Man Wants To Sue His Parents For Giving Birth To Him Without His Consent

Ever heard somebody utter the phrase “I wish I was never born” as a child, in some argument with their parents or something along those lines? Well, one man Raphael Samuel of Mumbai, India is seeking to take his parents to court for the fact that they simply brought him into this world.

The man is claiming that being born is contrary to his “anti-natal” beliefs, and his beliefs compare the act of being born itself to “kidnap and slavery.” Even despite making these claims, the 27-year-old man asserts that he has a perfectly fine and good relationship with his parents, even adding that he doesn’t regret being born, and his “life has been amazing.”

Of course, the legal battle is futile and so this amounts to a publicity stunt, because it was obviously not in violation of any law for the man to have been born.

An image taken from Samuel’s Facebook page. Who paid for the graphic design? (Image Credit: DM)

A news outlet known as The Print gave him the spotlight to fuel more tabloid headlines, and in the interview he said:

“I love my parents, and we have a great relationship, but they had me for their joy and their pleasure.”

He explained that his life has been “amazing,” but he doesn’t see why he should put another person through the “rigmarole of school and finding a career,” particularly when the person didn’t “ask to exist.”

Was this person so unhappy throughout school, an unhappy experience for everybody indeed, that he would believe something like this? There are more extreme hardships one can be born into than school, although it can be quite excruciating. It sounds more likely that he does not genuinely believe what he is saying.

Obviously there is no possible way for a fetus to consent to being born. What does this person want, for no one to ever be born again? Believe it or not, that’s exactly what he wants. There’s not a shred of a way this could make sense.

Now this is where it gets completely insane: he is claiming to be a part of an “anti-natal movement.” Some of them refer to themselves as the “Voluntary Human Extinction Movement” (VHEM), and some of them reportedly prefer the term “Stop Making Babies.”

This is being referred to as “anti-natalist material.” He doesn’t look ready for his own voluntary extinction. (Image Credit: DM)

They claim the movement is growing in India, and they are basically submitting their lives to the wealthy and powerful people in this world who would prefer there be less human beings.

If they want the human race to become extinct, some might suggest they can start with themselves, but for any other sane person who wants to live a nice life with their families, and see their children have more children, they’re going to keep doing their thing.

These people claim they are doing such things as shunning “societal norms” by choosing to voluntarily exterminate their future families. They claim to be doing something to preserve the world’s resources, but they fail to see that they are preserving those resources for nothing more than the wealthy and powerful in the world to take them: who else do they think are most likely to seize control of resources if there were less ordinary people?

It seems safe to say that most people do not regret they were ever born, even people born into the most terrible of conditions. There’s something extremely dangerous and unnatural about what these people are claiming, and it would certainly be harmful toward the general prosperity and peace of the common people if absolutely anyone with wealth or influence began to promote this notion that human beings are some scourge on the planet.

Human beings have the potential to choose how they affect the world: they should not be disrespected by the notion that they have to justify their own existence, many would suggest. Some might say people deserve to be born, and if India as a country experiences overpopulation, a lot of people who believe in life would probably be happy to accept them into their countries.

This movement is objectively dehumanizing, and if anyone with power or money were to support it, it would instantly cross the line from “voluntary” to coercive. Danger is certainly present in this concept to say the least.

When wealth and influence meet dehumanizing beliefs. (Image credit: hwaairfan.wordpress)

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