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Massive Solar Powered Tunnel Discovered under U.S.-Mexico Border


Massive Solar Powered Tunnel Discovered under U.S.-Mexico Border

Something incredible has been uncovered running beneath the US-Mexico border, by border security and authorities.

They discovered a solar powered tunnel, originally located last month by Mexican state police and military units while they conducted an operation in Jacume, Baja California, Mexico.

At a home a mere 221 feet south of the international border, this was found, according to Ralph DeSio, a US Customs and Border Protection spokesman.

(Image credit: CBS LA)

According to CBS News:

“Mexican officials took over the tunnel and authorized U.S. Border Patrol’s Western Corridor Tunnel Interdiction Group to enter the tunnel in order to map it and determine if the tunnel had an exit point in the United States, DeSio said.”

By pretty much the standards of anybody, the tunnel is massive. A 31 ft deep shaft was located at the entry point of the tunnel, with a total length of 627 feet.

336 feet of the tunnel were located in the US, according to DeSio. It was incomplete, because the exit shaft of the tunnel didn’t manage to break the surface or have a point to exit into the US.

A rail system actually ran throughout the entire length of the tunnel. Ventilation, lighting, and electrical power were provided by solar panels. As far as anybody being arrested for the tunnel, no arrests have yet been announced.

Believe it or not, the construction of elaborate tunnels is known to happen between the border of Mexico and the US. Recently, under an abandoned KFC a tunnel was discovered that led to Mexico. According to the Washington Post:

“The hole in the tile of the former KFC was small: eight inches in diameter, barely large enough to fit a 15-piece family bucket. It could have easily been overlooked as just another deteriorating aspect of an abandoned fast-food restaurant, had authorities not known better.

After all, this wasn’t just any vacant KFC, but one in San Luis, Ariz., situated some 200 yards north of the U.S.-Mexico border. A person going through the old drive-through window might have caught glimpses of the 20-foot-tall border fence separating San Luis from Mexico in his rearview mirror.”

“It was an underground tunnel to Mexico.”

(Image credit: newsweek)

(Image credit: upi)

For all the negative news that could be produced from the discovery of sophisticated tunnels beneath the border of Mexico and the US, let’s take this in a different direction and consider something positive involving the border.

In the border town of Brownsville, Texas, one man is currently helping feed migrants who are released with nothing and nowhere to go after being locked up by immigration. Brendon Tucker managed to raise over $10,000 to feed the migrants who find themselves with nothing in Brownsville.

Brownsville, TX August 7 Part 2: Tucker's Kitchen

BROWNSVILLE, TX BUS DEPOT, AUGUST 7 PART 2: TUCKER'S KITCHENIn July, 2018 Brendon Tucker started camping out in front of El Presidente Detention Center in Brownsville, TX. He is now creating a small space near the bus station to cook meals and provide overnight shelter for asylum-seekers just released from detention. You can help here: Brownsville Bus Depot August 7 Parts 1, 3, 4 and 5:

Posted by To Right The Wrong on Thursday, August 16, 2018

This clip shows the man hauling an entire wagon full of meals to the spot he created. If you notice how he does it, negativity is kept to an absolute minimum.

Brendon Tucker got a fancy new cart to replace his cooler. He says this is a big step forward in running his kitchen for asylum seekers. You can help him more here

Posted by Woodson Martin on Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sure, the situation isn’t looking good for people who get locked up at the border, but focusing on the solutions straightforward is such a sharply effective way to help people.

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