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Meteorite hits Western Cuba


Meteorite hits Western Cuba

It has happened before, for instance, about 6 years ago, and now it has happened again: a meteor has exploded in mid-air above Cuba. Over Western Cuba, the particularly large meteorite was forceful enough to shatter windows and shower burnt meteorite rocks all over people’s homes.

Before the explosion of the debris from outer space, it was spotted blazing over Florida. Over Cuba’s Pinar del Río province, the meteorite exploded near the town of Viñales, as witnesses described being met with the sound of two loud booming sounds as it burst into pieces.

In the wake of its explosion, it left behind a massive plume of smoke in the sky, and the ground was rained upon by tiny meteoric rocks. People started posting photos of the rocks they had collected after the explosion, and what it looked like after it burnt up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

(Image credit: RT)

According to the New York Post:

“A meteorite touched down in Cuba around 1:15 p.m. on Friday, according to reports. The National Weather Service in Key West, Florida, says it received reports that a meteor was seen in the sky across the Florida Keys and that it crashed in Western Cuba. The event occurred in broad daylight, and as you’d expect in 2019, a lot of people captured it on camera.”

…estoy con tremendo ataque de nervios…acabo de oir una explosion extraña…y duradera…por dios..alguien sabe que fue esto??😫😫😫…vibro super fuertee…🙊

Posted by Flavia Sahira on Friday, February 1, 2019

Local Cuban channel TelePinar’s reporter Fátima Rivera Amador was among the first to post what appear to be actual fragmented pieces of the meteorite, burnt rocks with a white sort of looking material on the inside.

(Image credit: RT)

Surprisingly the arrival of the meteor caused a significant amount of confusion, as at first, it was reported that a large plane had crashed.

Without any evidence being cited but in a state of panic it seems, and independent journalist named Ignacio Luis Gonzalez Vidal was pointed out to have falsely claimed the explosion was a military aircraft full of Cuban soldiers on their way home from Venezuela. Of course if that had really happened, it would be a disaster of epic proportions. That was a sensationalist claim.

(Image credit: RT)

In 2013, a few significant events occurred with meteors, as a blast from one shook the Urals region of Russia, causing windows in buildings to shatter, and walls to tumble as the region experienced a sonic wave from the explosion.

An astonishing 1,000 people were injured from that meteor in Russia, including over 200 children, many of which were struck by flying glass from shattering windows.

From the same body of academia in Southern California that brought forth the existence of NASA, the California Institute of Technology had some people who tried to create weaponized meteors all the way back in 1946.

According to a web page documenting this:

California Institute of Technology astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky, (who also works for Theodore von Kármán’s Aerojet company as director of research), proposes installation of shaped-charge explosives in rockets for hypersonic research. Zwicky points out that these weapons can accelerate particles to speeds of 8 km/sec or more — orbital speeds or above — and when launched to extreme altitudes on a large rocket, they may be usable as a tool to simulate meteor dynamics in the upper atmosphere.

Theoretically in the future weaponized meteors could be a real thing. In any case, a meteor strike is a serious event.

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