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‘Monstrous’ Hurricane Michael Approaches Florida’s Toxic Red Tide


‘Monstrous’ Hurricane Michael Approaches Florida’s Toxic Red Tide

Hurricane Michael is approaching Florida, yet another natural disaster late this hurricane season, and the residents have much more to be concerned about than just the storm, and as it continues to gain force becoming a Category 4 storm.

With much respect to the people of Florida, not to make this some media frenzy where people salivate over the destruction with headlines, here’s a little bit of info people might need to know.

Florida Governor Rick Scott expanded the state of emergency declaration to include 35 entire counties. It was reported that over 1,000 “National Guardsmen” have been activated. What their actual duty is, one should investigate.

These officials aren’t eager to provide an explanation or even acknowledgement of what could happen when the hurricane whips up the toxic red tide, all the dead fish in the waters, an entire mess that would certainly harm people if it entered floodwaters in the aftermath of the storm.

Residents have been advised to stay far away from many beaches in Florida this year, and lifeguards have been scared to go to work, suffering from respiratory problems and all the usual symptoms of seriously formidable toxicity. It’s a bad situation alone with the red tide, and this hurricane which rapidly intensified, unexplainably, into an intense storm makes it even more bad.

According to a local CBS news article about Florida lifeguards getting ill from the red tide air: “A lifeguard union boss is demanding Palm Beach County close the beaches for the public’s safety and the safety of the lifeguards who go to work every day.

Beachgoers have the option to leave if red tide conditions are too bad for them. But lifeguards say for them the decision isn’t so easy. Rick Poulette is their voice. He’s president of Communication Workers of America, a labor union for lifeguards. ‘They feel like the county is not interested in their safety,’ he said. Poulette says dozens of lifeguards have reached out to him, scared to go to work.

‘They’re getting sick,’ he said. They’re getting ill.’ This is the first day beaches have reopened and he says half a dozen lifeguards already left work to seek medical treatment. A notice from the county shows new protocol for lifeguards, who have been told to wear masks, goggles, and to come with extra clothes. They’re only allowed on the beach in one hour increments.”

The “red tide,” this toxic algae bloom that causes massive amounts of fish and other creatures to die, causing a horrific smell and seriously formidable respiratory symptoms due to toxins in the air, it’s been getting even worse in Florida.

Spreading even further in the past couple months, the Florida red tide makes people wonder if the algae toxin isn’t the only thing causing people health problems. It makes people wonder if there aren’t more factors influencing it, even deeper than the official explanation that industrial farming and agricultural practices are feeding the toxic algae.

Some are actually hopeful that Hurricane Michael brings some fresh water into the mix and makes the red tide go away. That’s a very optimistic perspective, hopefully those theories end up being correct.

Florida residents are probably so used to hurricanes, they aren’t scared at all. However, others have concerns that the hurricane may bring the toxins much further inland, contaminating the air in the places where people could be trapped during the storm.

It certainly is a strong storm now, and it keeps getting stronger, so quickly people should really ask why that is. Why are so many natural disasters happening this year? Is this really climate change? Other theories about the unusual weather exist. Whatever people choose to believe, they should be very skeptical of everything.

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