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Nobody Ever Meets by Coincidence: the Six Types of Connection between People


Nobody Ever Meets by Coincidence: the Six Types of Connection between People

Before you read this article, rest assured you aren’t going to hear some contrived bullshit about how there are actually 6 exact types of cosmic connections between people. To quantify something so intangible and spiritual would be contrived, and would be basically a religious, dogmatic belief.

This article will instead explore six distinct connections people could have with each other. This is quite tangible but this type of thing doesn’t always have to be set in stone, or provable. This is spirituality, something that becomes sour and bitter often when it is taken too literally. Spirituality often becomes dogma when it is taken too seriously, or forced on other people. One can personally believe something spiritual with all their heart and that’s different from forcing it onto others.

Do you ever get the feeling that everything in your life has fallen together (or apart) so perfectly, it was meant to be? The smallest decisions may have led to you meeting the most significant people in your life, who you couldn’t imagine living without.

Even logic minded people could agree that the probability of two people who are so completely rare, for example free thinkers, meeting is impossible. I’m talking about two “awake” people becoming friends or lovers. It happens: and when it does, it’s so completely one in a million, it literally doesn’t make sense to see it any other way than in terms of fate.

All kinds of spiritual theories and dogmas have revolved around this observation that anyone can make: the observation that things in life tend to fall into place so perfectly, it’s almost like everything that happens perfectly balances everything else.

Then there’s the question that always arises from this type of thought: how is it balanced and just in this world for the rich to be so rich, and for the poor to die in drone strikes and out of starvation in places like Yemen? This article definitely cannot answer that, it’s a lifelong type of spiritual question.

Here are six unique ways to look at connections between people.

1. People who teach us lessons

These don’t have to be negative lessons, but we often meet people, acquaintances for example, who teach us things that we never would have happened to stumble upon without their presence.

2. People who remind us of something

Have you ever completely lost a thought or direction, or failed to piece two things together when a random person reminded you to stay on track? This is a phenomena that many people experience, and it’s not a coincidence if you believe in fate.

3. People who need you

In the state of our society, these people rarely can get the help they need because they get to a point where they are guilty of trying to suck the life out of others, and they cannot be helped.

It’s unfortunately more rare where a person can stumble upon another person who needs help, and that person can get a little bit of help and get back to a state of peace. Most of the time, people have to find peace themselves with little help from others.

4. People who are filler material

Filler material is a major necessity in life, and that includes people. If it weren’t for the cloak of anonymity provided by a mass of people doing something, a person doing something as simple as trying to live free in this enslaved world would stand out.

Sometimes, it seems that people specifically enter your life to fill space and create a small but necessary balance somewhere.

5. People who are meant to get out of your life

These days again, there are plenty of people like this all around us. Do you ever feel like most people have nothing to offer you emotionally or materially? Can you feel the emptiness of 99% of social interactions?

This isn’t changing anytime soon: it seems all of us have some internal cleansing and reflection to do, with the sensory overload we’re always subject to especially.

Aside from our need for solitude and reflection, and need to distance ourselves from constant consumption and pursuit of instant gratification, people just screw each other over these days in an instant. Lessons are learned from this. It doesn’t really need a spiritual explanation.

6. People who are meant to stay

After some period of work, or suffering, or understanding truth in life or whatever it is, it seems that people are blessed with rare, incredible opportunities to meet people who remain close friends or lovers for life.

This does happen, and it’s so miraculous it defies description.

In the most unpredictable ways, people will enter your life who are meant to stay forever, or for a significant period of time. When you meet your best friend, you’ll never predict it. When you meet your lover for life, you’ll never predict when it will happen.

If we could predict such a thing, would it be as special? Life is meant to be unpredictable, and that’s a true spiritual rule of life on Earth.

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