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Taxi Driver Drags Passenger Out And Throws Him Into The Street For Littering and Leaves Him


Taxi Driver Drags Passenger Out And Throws Him Into The Street For Littering and Leaves Him

In some countries, if some drunk or disrespectful person is causing a real disturbance on a train or a bus, no one will take the initiative to talk to the person or use light force to remove them from the scene.

They will literally wait around for police to arrive, helplessly just waiting and delaying the entire train or bus from moving if there is one drunk person acting erratically.

That’s not how it is in Russia. In St. Petersburg, Russia, a hilarious clip was recently captured of a taxi driver getting out the car, and throwing a passenger out to be stuck on the side of the road for littering in a blatant and disrespectful manner.

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According to Ul:

“Footage taken from a car travelling behind a taxi near St. Petersburg, Russia, shows a passenger carelessly chucking a piece of rubbish out of the window on August 24, 2018. Tut tut tut.

He clearly wasn’t thinking about the damage he could cause to the environment. And he definitely couldn’t have guessed the toll his actions would take on his dignity…”

First, the vehicle is moving unusually slow in what appears to be traffic but it looks like a rural area so that’s hard to explain. As they slowly move, the passenger is seen throwing out what might be a can that used to contain an alcoholic beverage.

The taxi driver didn’t hesitate to immediately stop the car, furiously hop out, slam the door, and confront the passenger. That’s really a feature of Russian culture, and the rest of the world could learn from the assertiveness of some of these individuals.

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One article chose to phrase it as, “Stomping menacingly to the back of the vehicle, the driver picks up the piece of rubbish – signalling briefly to the car behind – before heading to the offending passenger’s door.” I mean, it’s not “menacing.”

The driver opened the passenger door and threw the passenger straight to the ground. The litterer looked a little bewildered but not all that surprised, and the driver just hops back in the vehicle. It’s a textbook, normal case of someone being assertive.

From the vehicle behind them I guess the footage was taken, and the person who filmed it said:

“The taxi driver who was driving ahead of me noticed that his passenger threw rubbish on the roadside and decided to teach him a lesson. He got out of the car and threw the passenger out. This is justice.”

People were quick to notice this happened in Russia, with some comments reading:

“Keeping Russia clean of garbage and drunks. Go Russia go !!”

“This man deserves a medal! (The driver ofc)”

If you think about it, Russian culture is extremely similar to American culture. In a lot of European countries, or Australia/New Zealand, people are surprised by this kind of assertiveness. In America, there’s nothing surprising about it, and I guess it’s like America in Russia. The geopolitical rivalry between the people who claim to govern Russia and the US can’t take away from the fact that we share significant cultural similarities, compared to the rest of the world.

Of course, “culture” is not set in stone, it’s ever-changing and any people can decide to be any way they want, and we don’t need a national identity but it’s interesting to think how America and Russia are similar at this moment.

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