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The Blood Moon Next Week isn’t the “End of the World” as they Claim, But it Might be This


The Blood Moon Next Week isn’t the “End of the World” as they Claim, But it Might be This

Next week, the Full Moon eclipse is happening in Leo and Aquarius. It is being referred to as a “Blood Moon” although the phrase originally pertained to eclipses that landed on Hebrew holidays, according to a prophecy that was cited by people when this was happening in 2014 and 2015.

If one is to delve into the possibility that a Full Moon or New Moon, Lunar Eclipse or Solar Eclipse, is capable of influencing events on Earth and the human spirit, they might as well go all the way into astrology. This article isn’t going to be about the “end of the world” being near, but some articles are promoting it. The Sun tabloid media outlet picked up author John Hagee’s claims, with his reference to the Book of Joel 2:31 in the Bible which says “The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”

Every single lunar eclipse, every year unless it isn’t exact enough to be that dark, is red. If anyone wants to know the astrological meaning of this coming eclipse, this is the chart for it. If you look up “astrology symbols” you can find a key to identify the symbols (the planets) and the symbols for the signs.

(Image credit: Tryptamine Astrology)


As we mentioned the last eclipse, the astrological meaning of an eclipse is the crystallization of a collective direction, path, fate, or general energy. It solidifies and firmly establishes a certain theme, path, or something along those lines for everyone on Earth, it’s like a bi-annual, delayed-effect energy solidification.

Did the last eclipse crystallize a theme that foreshadows upheaval, or somber, cold, quiet matters in life? If the past week or two has had these themes, mentioned in the last article, the prediction astrologers made was accurate.

The article about how the last two weeks were supposed to feel, influenced by the eclipse happening right between Saturn and Pluto, said:

“The effect of Saturn conjunct Pluto, similar to 9/11’s Saturn opposition Pluto, is thought to be a purging, destruction and rebuilding (Pluto) of something that involves work, career, structure, money, business, or family (Saturn), for everyone at once throughout mid-2019 and 2020. Solid structures and things in life may suddenly change, or be destroyed and rebuilt. Purges, moments of upheaval, (Pluto) particularly in the realm of what is solid in life (Saturn), will come during this time, according to astrology.”

If those themes reflected the past few weeks, it was accurate. So now, we’re in for a much different eclipse because it happens to occur right outside of Capricorn, the somber, serious sign that was just firmly crystallized in the collective consciousness: this eclipse is again in Aquarius and Leo.

This next eclipse is in fact unusual because it’s happening in almost the exact same spot as the longest eclipse of the Century last year. It’s only 4 degrees away from that spot, 4 degrees out of the 360 degree circle that is the ecliptic plane, the belt that the Sun and all planets travel on from Earth’s perspective.

With the Sun at 00 degrees Aquarius, and the Moon at 00 degrees Leo, both at the very entrance of their signs conjunct the Aquarius, bright blue “Eagle” star Altair, the eclipse peaks on January 20, 2019 around 9:00 pm Pacific Time.

The eclipse will be firmly aligned with the bright blue stair Altair, a unique, oblong star in the Eagle constellation Aquila parallel to Aquarius, parallel to 1 degree Aquarius. This is what the star looks like.

(Image credit: thevarsity)


(Image credit: briankoberlein)

This star, as well as the signs of Aquarius and Leo, are associated with assertive, revolutionary, powerful energy that is firmly committed to doing what it wants to do.

Last year, when the longest eclipse of the Century occurred on July 27, 2018 at 1:21 Pacific time, this theme should have been solidified in everyone: the theme of being strong, able to cope with difficulties no matter what and stay warm and positive. This is the chart for that eclipse.

(Image credit: Tryptamine Astrology)


A theme of asserting oneself and being proud and doing things our own way, the intelligent and creative, independent thinking way, should have been reflected in everyone perceptive to the energy at that time, and for the months that followed.

This second eclipse, almost exactly in the same spot roughly 6 months later, is going to emphasize the same things as back then. So if you remember how July, August, and September 2018 felt, it will feel like those months are being revisited or even resolved and brought to some form of closure in the next several months.

Astrologically, the thing about an eclipse is that it’s a major delayed reaction. The wave of feeling from it seems to start manifesting in the couple months following it, but sometimes unpredictable events also seem to occur on eclipse days, a phenomenon I have no explanation for.

The last eclipse was in these signs of intelligence, creativity, assertiveness, and sometimes aggressiveness aligned with Mars, making a hard aspect, a square to Uranus, the planet of Aquarius itself where the eclipse was occurring. The July 2018 eclipse was very boldly about an ideological clash between freedom seeking people, and people who seek to control others, as explained in greater detail here.

Now, themes pertaining to assertiveness, utilizing a person’s independent thought and ability to create and learn, and this fire energy, distinctively combative rather than passive, should manifest in the next several months as a result of this eclipse.

If you find no harm in testing this theory, go ahead and see if the next several months carry these themes, and remember this article.

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