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The Red Cross Has built 6 homes in Haiti with Nearly 500 Billion Dollars


The Red Cross Has built 6 homes in Haiti with Nearly 500 Billion Dollars

If people wonder why the Caribbean islands afflicted with the problems that resulted from the hurricanes last year are still receiving little help, remember: no matter who is in office, the government inherently prioritizes the welfare of citizens below their own agendas. Even the “charities” supported by government behave the same way.

American citizens, American citizens on the US Virgin Islands: it doesn’t matter. The government does what they want, and so do the big charities.

Do people remember what happened to Haiti after their earthquake nearly 8 years ago?

Now nearly 3 years ago, it was widely reported that the Red Cross managed to build exactly 6 homes for residents of Haiti with almost half a billion dollars in donations. The obscenity of that can hardly be understood unless you’ve personally been the victim of an earthquake in a country like that, which I never have.

One article about it from a couple years ago starts off by describing a steep hillside in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city. Campeche, the neighborhood is called: goats go through people’s uncollected trash, and children kick deflated volleyballs, in the vicinity of a wall with a hand-painted logo of the American Red Cross. This is a vivid picture.

It was late 2011 when the Red Cross launched a project to “transform” the incredibly poor area, a “multimillion-dollar” project.

The Red Cross claimed they would build hundreds of permanent homes, in a project called LAMIKA, a Creole acronym for “A Better Life in My Neighborhood.”

This was clearly a scam, because not a single home was built in Campeche. Rusty sheet metal is what the common shacks in the region are still composed of. 3 years ago, these people didn’t have drinkable water or basic sanitation, now they probably still don’t have it because disaster has struck the Caribbean again.

It was nearly half a billion dollars that the Red Cross received after the Haiti earthquake. It sure was a lot of profit, because they have consistently failed to deliver anything to Haiti.

Emails from worried top officers in the Red Cross, confidential memos, and dozens of accounts of insiders have revealed that they abused donation money, broke promises, and made false claims.

Somehow the Red Cross was able to claim that they provided homes to over 130,000 people. The truth is, as of 2015 they built a total of 6 homes in Haiti.

Even worse, an agenda to specifically target Haiti or perhaps harvest some resource from the region might have been in play for the past 20 years. In 1998, an infamous interview was conducted with George Soros on 60 Minutes. In the segment, Soros and none other than Hillary Clinton can be found in Haiti.

People must realize that the government doesn’t care about victims of disaster, and neither do the “charities” that are protected by government and in league with them.

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