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Toddler Walks With hands up in front of Armed officers After Parents Were Arrested


Toddler Walks With hands up in front of Armed officers After Parents Were Arrested

We’re in 2019, and the headlines about police misconduct do not cease to disturb people, even those who understand it happens on a regular basis.

Recently, a story started circulating about a toddler displaying the body language necessary to not get sh*t by the police, as he was caught on video walking with his hands in the air toward the police as they pointed guns at the poor child’s parents.

A UK article about this begins with the sentence “Oh don’t they start them young over there.” No, not just over there. Look at what the police are doing to protesters in France, sh**ting them in the face with gas canisters and rubber bullets, and realize if you ever tried to protest you’d be up against the same thing. Just watch the video and try and defend these people pointing guns at children.

Look at the baby 😢😢

Posted by Bernard M. Stevens Jr. on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Take it from an American if you’re willing to recognize the problem of police misconduct, it can happen anywhere: because people who are willing to harm anybody and claim they “feared for their life” gravitate toward that authority position no matter where you are.

In Tallahassee, Florida, the police were trying to arrest a couple they suspected of shoplifting. Because the suspects were reported armed, the police were armed with pistols and rifles,” a UK article says. Don’t start defending the police, Unilad. You don’t have to phrase it that way, dangerous people may exist but listen to how that sounds.

So the father of the child was detained by police, and the little kid still was in fear that they might shoot, because the police were still pointing their guns.

(Image credit: thinkamericana)

It was astutely observed by a person presumably filming the situation, that they were pointing guns at nothing but the baby at one point. “They’re still holding the gun at the baby,” the person said. Another person captured in the video said “No, they’re holding the gun at the car.”

It could have been worse, but it was still wrong. The police allegedly let the mother hold her and the other child. The bodycamera footage was released by the City of Tallahassee Police Department and it was posted on their Facebook page.

That UK article about this said their release of the footage was “efforts made by officers to be compassionate towards the children in the tense situation.” Many Americans would say that article is dead wrong. Not all police are brutal, but the author of that article sounds like they brush their teeth with a boot every morning.

This is what happens with police brutality in America, and it’s not the culture of self defense and the right to bear arms that influences this, but rather the military-supporting culture in America I guess you could say, something that has been hammered into people with collective trauma, events like the attacks of September 11, though in recent years people have appeared much more lucid in America, even those who used to unconditionally support the military. A lot of them have been willing to question the morality of certain things more lately, from the anecdotal experience of walking around and talking to people in the South.

Listen: this is how bad it gets. It was reported last year that a 16 year old boy, a harmless looking kid was sh*t de*d by the police, right in the middle of juvenile court, because a cop aggressively grabbed his mother.

The boy touched a cop’s shoulders coming out of juvenile court in Franklin County, Ohio, after the officer grabbed his mother, and a cop took the boy’s life right there.

As he bled out, they brought more cops in to take the mother away, not caring for her child whose life was ending, right there, for no reason.

What happened to the cop that took the life of that 16 year old boy right there in court, for no reason? Well he got away with it, what do you expect. It’s not just an American problem, it can happen anywhere that people are persuaded to fervently support the police or military, or a certain culture like that. One thing Europeans should recognize right now is that the people of France are being abused by the police there right now, and people are suffering life threatening injuries: look it up.

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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