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Will you be Alive in 30 Years? You could Live to be 1,000 Years Old


Will you be Alive in 30 Years? You could Live to be 1,000 Years Old

Some incredible documentaries have been produced and circulated online about the future of humanity: not bull**hit about how great it will be for man to fuse with machine, not promotions of trans-humanism necessarily but more truthful examinations about where the factors in society today will lead on the path they are headed.

However, while some are rightfully skeptical of the true intentions of transhumanists and “life extension” supporters (Google is a huge player in life extension), most people are indifferent.

Living longer sounds great to everyone: not everyone is aware that whenever something is offered to the general public straight from the people with the most money, more often than not, it’s not in our best interest.

This article is going to take a starkly different perspective from the transhumanist one that would normally be the center of a mainstream article.

People who support transhumanism or life extension sometimes make bold claims.For years, sort of intellectual gurus and people who promote the idea of transhumanism in popular culture have been making bold claims, in order to advance their own goals whether or not the predictions come true. Others predict a future more aligned with the reality of the wealth disparity on this planet.

One class of people with all the money, resources, and power may develop the ability to live for many more years. However, their ability to live longer will probably come with serious repercussions. Physical problems resulting from an unnatural extension of the longevity of organs and the human body, that will all happen.

In order to extend the life of a person, every biological function of the body must be accounted for, preserved, and cared for in exactly the right way.

Until every single biological function of a human being can be fully understood, and that would contradict the interests of a whole lot of corporations and groups of people who want to continue selling their chemical products, carcinogens, and health-destroying things, “life extension” will not exist to any significant capacity.

See, chemicals exist that destroy the biological processes of people, and “life extension” would require extreme discipline, to never breathe, ingest, or be exposed to these toxic chemicals in any way, except for the case of a specific toxin that has a very specific and effective antidote.

The mitochondria in our cells for example, need to not become ineffective at their ability to produce energy. The effects of cellular energy production on degrading the body would have to be accounted for.

Some people theorize that the wealthiest, most elite people on Earth have a reserved knowledge of how to preserve bodily function that they prefer not to share with the rest of us.

Some articles online about this topic suggest that because the average lifespan of people has already increased so much in the past few centuries, it must increase more, right? Not necessarily, because at the age of say 100, the thing that would kill a person is the degeneration of their bodies, not a bacteria or virus.

When it comes to what is called “life extension,” a lot of it seems to be about selling something to the public. Whether that “life extension” technology is some kind of chemical, or a certain type of medical procedure, someone wants to sell it to the public, and that someone might be Google.

Google announced in 2014 that it would dedicate “a chunk of its vast financial, technological, and creative resources to solving a daunting problem— mortality,” according to Life Extension.

A disturbingly bold declaration that Google would be funding “Life Extension” can be garnered from the publication at Life Reading from it:

“With sufficient funding, it has been estimated that the benefits of discovering how to slow down the basic aging process could be realized within a few years! But tragically, while both government and private funds are generously allocated to finding cures for age-related diseases, funding has been lacking for research into how we may be able to cure aging itself—by intervening directly in the biological aging process. Although the world’s 1,426 billionaires could easily fund their own rescue from the horrific consequences of aging, very few have demonstrated the clear vision and self-interest to do so.”

The 2014 publication continues that Google plans to launch a biotech company attached to the corporate empire, named Calico. At the time, Google mentioned that Calico would focus in particular on “the challenge of aging and associated diseases.”

Larry Page, the CEO of Google said “With some longer term, moonshot thinking around healthcare and biotechnology, I believe we can improve millions of lives.”

Today, Calico is producing headlines from such things as a head of the company announcing that a certain type of diet could prolong life. Of course it could. According to Business Insider:

“But earlier this month, Daphne Koller, Calico’s chief computing officer, announced at a CB Insights conference in San Francisco that she and her team had been studying what happens to mice on restricted diets.

Koller explained that limiting how many calories the mice consumed appeared to help with some measures of ageing – a finding bolstered by a spate of recent studies in animals.

“Caloric restriction is the one intervention that’s been repeatedly demonstrated to extend lifespan across multiple species,” Koller said.

Calico’s chief computing “officer” Daphne Joller has a unnervingly rigid, controlling mannerism in what she said: “caloric restriction?” The world would be a cold, terrible place if everyone was trying to quantify, control, and generally do things the way people like this do.

Basically caloric restriction means fasting, because calories produce energy in our cells which eventually cause the body to age. Not her personally, but Google in general, they have a weird tone. Do we really want to live in a world where everything becomes this tightly controlled? It’s not just about “life extension,” buried in this, these people are going to have some trap to further control people.

It’s a sales pitch, but anything sold to the general public as “life extension” would probably be an inferior, dishonest version of it.

The true “life extension” will probably be hoarded by the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people, and it would be all encompassing, focusing on multiple bodily processes, requiring people who want life extension to be disciplined about what toxins they have in their bodies.

(Image credit: de.wikipedia, blog.visualpathy, blog.sevenponds)

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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