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Woman Embarrassed As Hungry “Vegetarian” Dog Eats Meat on TV


Woman Embarrassed As Hungry “Vegetarian” Dog Eats Meat on TV

A woman went on a television program to prove that her dog was voluntarily vegetarian, but when offered meat, her canine of course gobbled it up.

The woman was probably not aware that a television stunt would occur, in which her dog would choose whether he preferred meat or vegetarian food.

At first it seemed like she wouldn’t let go of the leash and let the dog choose.

(Image credit: Pets Planet)

Then she let go, and said “well she’s obviously going to go for the meat.” And, the dog did.

(Image credit: Pets Planet)

She said “you little…” then backed up and said “I didn’t swear.”

(Image credit: Pets Planet)

How can people be agitated and divided among each other? It helps when the social engineers sprinkle our entertainment with themes that pit people against each other.

You can catch the mainstream media trying to agitate division between vegetarians and meat eaters in clips like this. Sometimes they go viral with the people of either persuasion. It feels like the left-right divide, or the division between two polar extremes like feminists or “men’s rights” people: how do you divide the pre-existing polar opposite ways of people? Choose to sponsor guests like this on your television program.

You might think being vegetarian or vegan is a moral choice, and the way animals are raised today, that certainly would be a moral, good thing to do in my opinion. However the science gets complicated when it comes to whether or not that’s a good decision for your health as a human being. I’m undecided because it really does get complex when it comes to health.

However, it’s certainly true, provable that animals like cats and dogs require meat to stay alive, cats in particular. Dogs don’t do too well when they aren’t given meat, it’s abusive to deprive animals who naturally consume meat of something that satisfies their diet.

If you know how cats are, you know they absolutely can’t go without meat or products that contain the same proteins and things as meat, or they will not survive well.

The woman in this clip just set herself up for disaster, and the mainstream and viewers lap it up. But why does the media choose things like this that divide people?

You know a clip like this is going to make people talk sh*t. People who eat meat and don’t understand how badly animals are tortured to produce it much of the time, you already know what attitude they might have.

The people who care about the welfare of animals and others, they might defend the woman and refuse to see the imbecility and clownishness in this media appearance.

To strike a balance, people who care about animals should go about their activism and work to spread their morals in a way that is understandable and respectful. A person who makes a moral choice to abstain from consuming something that is harmful to other living creatures can only make such a decision of their own volition.

When activists add “cringe” to their speech or their efforts, when they get a not so great attitude or push it to the point where people don’t want to listen, nothing will be accomplished.

The thing is, the type of person who will really care sometimes rubs people the wrong way. They don’t understand a person who thinks that much or feels that much. And everything in society and media is geared toward making people more dead inside like that if you know what I mean.

However, that isn’t to say that people called “activists” who really want to put in hard work to make the world a better place should go less hard or do less: the only way to make meaningful change is to work hard every day and go hard at what you do. However, the wrong attitude or wrong rigidness in your being is incompatible with putting in true work to enlighten others to the morals and values you seek to promote in this world.

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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