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Young Boy Smoked Synthetic Cannabis (K2/Spice) on Way To School, Lost Control of his Body


Young Boy Smoked Synthetic Cannabis (K2/Spice) on Way To School, Lost Control of his Body

A video was uploaded just a few days ago by a man named Judah Glen L. Phillips, and it went incredibly viral, at 21,000 shares and nearly 10 million views.

In the video, a most likely teenage school kid is shown making strange, “bath salts” type motions with his body, seeming to involuntarily spasm or jolt, fully out of his sober state of consciousness after consuming something.

Posted by Judah Glen L. Phillips on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

According to Phillips, he smoked synthetic “cannabis,” otherwise known as K2, or Spice.

The active ingredients in synthetic cannabis are of course, once legal everywhere, terrible “cannabinoids” that are completely synthetic, contorted, man-made analogues of cannabinoids that are nothing like THC or CBD present in natural cannabis.

For about a decade now, particularly in countries and states where cannabis is more restricted, young people trying to get stoned have occasionally stumbled upon these terrible products, and many of them experience unbelievably negative, even catastrophic symptoms.

K2 is basically synthetic cannabinoid-sprayed leaf: just some leaf material covered in some chemicals people really don’t know a damn thing about.

(Image credit: spiceaddictionsupport)

So in Phillips’ viral video, he said:

“Do not smoke K2. This kid is suffering as a result of smoking K2, which is a synthetic drug. It looks like marijuana, but it’s not.”

In the video, the boy, clearly on his way to school on account of his backpack, is seen falling down some stairs, moving in illogical, bizarre motions like a spider being thrown backward by some powerful wind or something like that.

(Image credit: Judah Glen L. Phillips)

It’s very similar to the behavior of people who have consumed “bath salts” or “flakka,” the two more synthetic, more horrible compounds similar to amphetamines.

(Image credit: YouTube)

Even the mainstream media is quick to report that in a bizarre twist, Chinese chemical factories seem to be the main source of all these synthetic, bizarre “non-cannabinoids” as they may be more appropriately called.

What a strange happening in the 2010’s decade: now Chinese chemical factories are producing seizure type symptoms in school-children smoking synthetic tree.

According to Business Insider:

“Today, most synthetic marijuana is made in Chinese labs and shipped to the US to be distributed domestically, according to a 2017 DEA report.

According to Dr. Neeraj Gandotra, the chief medical officer at Delphi Behavioral Health Group, synthetic cannabinoids arrive in the US and then are sprayed onto organic material such as herbs so that they look like real marijuana.”

So why did this particular topic strike such a nerve with people, to the point where it’s nearly at 10 million views in a couple days? Perhaps it’s the fact that a major drug epidemic, on multiple fronts, is currently ripping through America. The rest of the world is experiencing it too, but truthfully it is much worse in America than probably any other Western country.

From opiates, to pharmaceutical opioids, to methamphetamine, to pharmaceutical Adderall given to toddlers to treat their “ADHD,” that’s what has unfortunately set into the cultural landscape. People would be wise to choose the lesser of all vices: the one that K2 is trying to imitate.

Americans don’t know this unless they travel, but other countries in what we call the “West” don’t have homelessness or drug epidemics at all like we do. However, other countries also don’t have much of a culture of self defense or community strength that is seen in many places in America as well.

It’s almost like some modern “Opium war” is taking place against the people of America, the people of Mexico who have to deal with their portion of the drug epidemic, the people of Afghanistan who reside where the poppy is grown first, and whoever else stands in the crossfire.

In any case, prohibition inevitably leads to people trying more harmful ways to do what they wanted to do, and there seems to be a perverted, more harmful version of every type of substance. K2 is to cannabis as bath salts are to amphetamines: only one substance mentioned in that sentence is good for the human body.

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